Amazing Soul Voice NIA WYN Releases Title Track From Her Upcoming EP – Here’s ‘LOVE I CAN’T RUIN’…

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

25 January 2020

Artist: NIA WYN

Who: “Nia Wyn grew up in a small seaside town in North Wales. Despite breathtaking views, she found herself battling with demons relating to isolation, identity and mental health. In local junk shops she sought solace in old soul records, discovering the likes of Billie Holiday, Bob Dylan and Marvin Gaye to hip-hop artists such as Nas and Lauryn Hill. Nia took inspiration from an eclectic range of music, helping her craft her unique story-telling abilities into her songwriting.”

Track: LOVE I CAN’T RUIN – the title track from her upcoming EP, out 19 February.
The song is “about that first stage of dating someone, and just being a bit scared of screwing
it up by being too vulnerable, too early. Eventually, you peel back your layers and let them get
to know the real you rather than just the image you want people to see, but that can feel really risky.”

Score: Here’s a young, amazing new voice that draws your aural attention instantly.
To be honest, on first hearing I thought it was an unreleased track by the late great
Amy Winehouse. ‘Love I Can’t Ruin’ has that same sensitive, soulful and jazzy feel as
many of the songs of the unfortunate artist. Wyn‘s impressive and exceptional
vox also seems to be made to sing exquisite, affecting and romantic musings
that touch people’s hearts and souls. Her future looks pretty bright.

Tune in and enjoy the vocal brilliance…

NIA WYN: Facebook

Great voice, great style, great presence…

(Photo by Ant Adams)

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