Psych Noir Rockers MAYFLOWER MADAME Dropped Lead Single From New Upcoming Album – Here’s ‘VULTURES’…

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30 January 2020


Who: A band from Norway known for its signature mesh of post-punk, dark psychedelia, shoegaze and indie rock. For fans of The Soft Moon, Joy Division, The Black Angels, Jesus & Mary Chain, Psychic Ills, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Velvet Underground

Track: VULTURES – the lead single from their second LP, titled ‘Prepared For A Nightmare‘, out next month via Only Lover Records. The song “is about desire, gluttony and vanity, 
both on a personal level and as a general symptom of the excesses of modern society. However, there’s a sense of both doom and revival in there. It’s partly inspired by the art of George Grosz and Hieronymus Bosch.”

Score: After a gloomy psych guitar intro this inflammable crackerjack turns immediately into a propelled rocker with a hammering beat, a burning force, a tenebrous tension and a cutting chorus. Midway the tempo goes down shortly for a sparky guitar/bass duet, but the pulsating drum dynamism pushes the darksome commotion back to its swirling pace. Top!

Catch the feverish drive right here…


PREPARED FOR A NIGHTMARE out 27 March. More info and pre-order facilities here

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