Bristol’s Noiseniks LICE Dropped New Apocalyptic Single ‘CONVEYOR’…

New sonic impulses

4 February 2020

Band: LICE

Who: Foursome from Bristol (UK). “Drawing from EBM, industrial and minimalism, they forge a new line in driving, experimental art-rock. Taking cues from science fiction and early 20th century polemicists, their lyrics use vivid prose-based vignettes to set out bold stances on satire, humanity, and the content and direction of art.”

Track: CONVEYOR – brand new single released on their own label – the song “brings us to The Wasteland, the nationless space inhabited by the new music’s stories and cast of characters. We are introduced to its raging, Shakespearian protagonist The Conveyor, and their mission to expose the mysterious R.D.C.’s plots to engineer the human race’s self-destruction; a journey that will take us through sci-fi odysseys and Burroughsian grotesques. LICE thereby declare a new period, presenting a satirical music commensurate to these militant years.”

Score: After a shattering intro with destructive guitars, hammering percussion and biting vocals this staggering wallop works its way furiously to the apocalyptic chorus that will blow you fiercely away. This band is on a purifying mission through the wasteland this deranged world has become. Their incisive and haunting observations of the ongoing human catastrophe are sonically translated in a menacing and thunderous wall of sound. Armageddon is just around the corner.

Be ready to experience this nightmarish shock wave right here…

LICE: Facebook

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