OH BROTHER Drops New Shaking Bang Bang Single ‘HOPELESS ROMANTIC’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

7 February 2020


Who: UK based desert rock band fronted by singer/songwriter Jake Leslau and lead guitarist Luke Cave. Their sound is fuelled by filthy West Coast sounding guitars coupled with Jake‘s irreverent lyrics and cinematic inspired motifs and visuals.

Track: HOPELESS ROMANTIC – new single about a hapless young man in his quest to find love. Songwriter Leslau explains further “I wanted to tackle that age-old problem whereby we manage to convince ourselves everything’s all gravy and we’ve got in the bag – where in reality, you’ve missed the mark by quite some bit.”

Score: This shaking cracker starts with an infectious groove and turns into a frenzied, electrical stormer when the explosive and glam rock ferocity of the ‘Bang Bang‘ chorus kicks in, unexpectedly, hitting you straight in the face like a firm uppercut. And it gets
even more ballistic when the dynamite finale with blistering guitars takes your breath
away. My oh my, what a flamboyant razzmatazz! Hot stuff! Handle with care!

Get electrified right here …

You can also stream the song on Spotify…

OH BROTHER: Facebook

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