Psych Rockers LIONS OF DISSENT Open The Doors Of Perception With Their New Transcendent Single – Here’s ‘DREAMS LIKE DRUGS’…

New sonic impulses


Who: “With veiled beginnings 4 years ago as an abstract art project, November 2017
saw Lions of Dissent suddenly explode into a technicolour reality – playing back to back sell out shows in both Wolverhampton and Birmingham, selling 400 tickets in the process and releasing their spaced-out debut EP ‘What Would it Feel Like To Be Free’’.

Track: DREAMS LIKE DRUGS – new single, out tomorrow on Valentine’s Day, from their
excellent, second 5-track EP, titled ‘Fear of Loathing’. Lead singer and songwriter Tim Baker describes the song as“an exploration of the subconscious through the different worlds our minds and thoughts inhabit”.

Score: This is transcendent psychedelia at its dazzling best. Catchy, glimmering guitars that get under your skin instantly, non-stop pulsating percussion with an immediate impact on your head and feet, euphoric vocals sounding like if singer Tim Baker had
an injection of a large dose of adrenalin and an astonishing chorus that will blow your
mind. This is ecstatic sonic dope to get eight miles high to, this is delirious intoxication taking you to never-never land. The sky is not the limit! Just open the doors of perception!

Watch/listen here and float away…


Artwork EP – FEAR OF LOATHING available here

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