Robust Rock Trio SINKA Hit Bullseye With Powerhouse Single ‘SEE WHAT I SEE’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

15 February 2020


Who: Hart-hitting trio from Watford, England

Track: SEE WHAT I CAN SEE – the new single from
upcoming debut EP titled ‘F.W.Y.K.‘ out 17 April

Score: This is a powerhouse smack that will blow you away. An ear-splitting outburst
that will trash your speakers. Fueled by overwhelming riffage, a thunderous drums/bass force and hot-blooded vocals this jackhammer beats like 24-carat stoner rock dynamite. Expect a wall-of-pulverizing noise going LoudQuietLoud with a dark bluesy touch. Sinka
hit bullseye and have a rip-roaring future ahead of them.

Feel the volcanic power here…

You can also stream the track on several platforms here.

SINKA: Facebook

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