Brighton’s Art Pop Sensation ZOONI Mesmerizes With Brand New Exquisite Gem – Here’s ‘DISSOLVE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

19 February 2020


Who: Fresh thrilling band from Brighton, they present a waking dream of art rock.
A carousel of keys, synths, strings and percussion swirling around poetic lyrics.

TrackDISSOLVE – new single

Score: Centered around an infectious funky synth/bass groove ‘Dissolve‘ moves stylishly into a  cinematic little symphony with romantic piano touches, subtle guitars, airy keys
and a tantalizing chorus with affecting, vulnerable vocals bringing Thom Yorke‘s fragile tonality to mind. This masterly gem has a mesmerizing impact and shows an artistically ambitious band with a riveting future. Impressive high-quality songwriting!

The accompanying video is an animated beauty directed by Patrick Aitkens who said that “the energy and atmosphere of ‘Dissolve’ was the main source of inspiration to the visuals I created.”.

Enjoy the magnificence here…

ZOONI: Facebook – Instagram

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