JAH WOBBLE Featuring MARK STEWART And Friends Tackle British Conservative Party With Critical Banger ‘A VERY BRITISH COUP’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

20 February 2020

When legendary post-punk misfits Jah Wobble, Mark Stewart, Keith Levene and Richard Dudanski come together you know there’s electricity in the air. Critical electricity. Hectic electricity. Confrontational electricity and barbed songs with a razor-sharp message.

With ‘A VERY BRITISH COUP‘ this unique collaboration tackles the British Conservative hypocrites and their misleading and demagogic campaign with which they pushed voters to leave the European Union.

Musically the track is an electrifying banger driven by Jah Wobble‘s striking bass
grooves and Dudanski‘s repetitive solid drum beat, intensified with Levene‘s metallic
guitar resonance and Stewart’s nightmarish and reproachful voice navigating all over it. The final result is a kick-ass uppercut with an angry middle finger for all those lying politicians who messed-up really badly.

Here’s the funky coup…

Who’s who?
Jah Wobble: original PiL bassist, mastermind of Invaders Of The Heart,
countless collaborations and initiator of this project
Mark Stewart: co-founder of Bristol’s punk-funk innovators The Pop Group,
Godfather of the Maffia and tons of collaborations
Keith Levene
: original PiL guitarist and several solo projects
Richard Dudanski: drummer, best known as a former member of PiL,
but played with several other bands too
Martin Youth Glover: : Produced the song, best known as
a member of Killing Joke but also a successful producer
The late great Andrew Weatherall and Nina Walsh
added loops to the proceedings

A limited edition four-song EP (including this track)
on CD is for sale now at Amazon.

I guess this novel by Chris Mullin
was an inspiration for this song.

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