Mean Man Electro Act LEATHER PARTY Doesn’t Give A Shit About ‘YOUR BAND’…

New sonic impulses

20 February 2020


Who: “Leather Party was formed in a murky studio in deepest darkest Salford by
Vernon, previous leader of noiseniks ‘Brown Brogues’ and leather clad peacocks
‘Peace and Love Barbershop Muhammad Ali’. Born from a love of abrasive new
sounds and studio experimentation as un-googleable names, the band takes
heavy influences from such artists as Velvet Underground, Nine Inch Nails,
The Birthday Party and The Stooges.”

Track: YOUR BAND – it’s “about talking with and dealing with other musicians
who don’t care about anyone else’s project but their own
– lead single from
upcoming EP ‘Images Of Gianfranco’ – Leather Party is joined here by the
loudest bass in the world Cal Rogers and the owner of the loudest cymbals
in the world Asa Morley

Score: Leather Party only needs one minute and twelve seconds to make it crystal
clear that he doesn’t give a shit about musical narcissists who only have eyes and ears
for their own stuff. With a spooky and pitch-black bass beat and his scary voice, with
a vitriolic undertone, he rejects those ‘me, myself and I‘ egos. I don’t know which group
he’s actually targeting, but I can name a lot of them that I don’t care about and every
time I hear one I’ll play this toxic electro drone.

LEATHER PARTY: Facebook – Instagram

Arywork from upcoming new EP called IMAGES OF GIANFRANCO

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