Debut Album ‘THE CROSSING’ by BIG COUNTRY (1983)…

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‘The Crossing’ by BIG COUNTRY
Released: 15 July 1983 – The Scottish band’s debut LP

ROLLING STONE wrote: “Here’s a big-noise guitar band from Britain that blows the knobs
off all the synth-pop diddlers and fake-funk frauds who are cluttering up the charts these days. Big Country mops up the fops with an air-raid guitar sound that’s unlike anything else around, anywhere … Like the Irish band U2 (with whom they share young, guitar-wise producer Steve Lillywhite), Big Country has no use for synthesizers, and their extraordinary twin-guitar sound should make The Crossing a must-own item for rock die-hards…”

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: It wasn’t only about their pretty cool guitar sound. This band wrote some massive songs on their debut longplayer. From flaming rock anthems
(In A Big Country / Harvest Home / Fields Of Fire / Angle Park / Heart And Soul) to colorful pop symphonies (Chance / Angle Park / Close Action)

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R.I.P. Stuart Adamson 


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