Wondrous Sisters Voices CAARDIA About Today’s False Reality On Brooding Single ‘THE DEEP END’…

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

1 March 2020

CAARDIA is the Canadian duo of singers/songwriters sisters Celia and
Annie Siriopoulos. Two young artists blessed with a wondrous voice
as you can discover on the title track of their debut EP The Deep End’.

A song “about the dangers of living life through a screen and the dependency
people have on cell phones in society today and the false reality they create
for themselves.”

Musically it’s a marvelous humdinger, a vocal highlight, a remarkable and
delicate beauty with the sisters’ angelic voices as the sparky stars of this
delightfully and colorfully orchestrated ballad. An alluring goosebumps
symphony that creates a state of nirvana and makes you silent.

The accompanying video clip is “is a visual experience
symbolizing how lost and vulnerable people become.

Listen/watch right here…

CAARDIA: Facebook

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