Portland’s Guitar Pop Duo PHOSPENE Released New Enthralling Single ‘SPIRAL’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

11 March 2020

(Photo by Katy Weaver)


Who: Since forming back in 2008, this Portland’s duo continued to refine and evolve
their sonic palette to reflect their diverse influences. The band is an amalgam of rock, dream pop, and shoegaze with Rachel’s bright melodies bursting through.”

Track: SPIRAL– second single from upcoming, second LP – a song “about seeking solace
and peace during hard times, whether that’s in the form of an escape with someone dear
or reconnecting with nature.” 

Score: Twinkling guitars, pulsating drums, radiant melodiousness and bright vocals bringing Cocteau Twins‘ wonderful singer Elisabeth Fraser to mind turn this glimmering pop beauty into a sparkling sonic musing. This is alluring splendor with a soothing vibe and hopeful expectations to overlive these troubled times. This sparkling kind of magic music helps you to get away from reality for a while. Starry-eyed magnificence.

A spark of hope that’s dotted on you
We climb to seek a new way out
From this world run by cartoons

Enjoy here…


New album LOTUS EATERS out in June

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