Crushing Power Rock From Canada – Here’s KING BULL With New Ace Firecracker ‘PAY ATTENTION’…

Daily electricity to load your batteries


24 March 2020


Who: “Thirteen years down the road, some minor tweaks to the name and lineup
and KING BULL is operating smoother than ever with its oldest member still less
than a quarter of a century old.”

Pick: PAY ATTENTION – brand new single

Score: Wow! Hells Bells! Here’s a barbed banger, a crushing firecracker, a staggering sledgehammer. Expect octopus drumsImagine Green Day fronted by madman Iggy Pop playing Kick Out The Jams by MC5. An avalanche of smoking guitars, hammering drums and spitting vocals explode in your ears. Expect tons of decibels from start to finish. Hot stuff!

Press play and go nuts…

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