Wholehearted Indie Outfit NEUROMANTICS Released Captivating Debut Album ‘CRIMES OF PASSION’…

27 March 2020


Who: “A four-piece alt-rock band from London hailing from various corners of the globe. they were brought together by a myriad of interlinked events which led to their fortuitous convergence as Neuromantics. They each bring to the table a wealth of experience from their previous musical endeavours, channeling it through a range of genres and styles to present an enchanting and idiosyncratic alt-rock sound which fuses pensive lyricism with impassioned vocals, seductive hooks, and hard-hitting rhythms.”


In a press statement the LP is described as follows: “Inspired by various life events and experiences. Themes include loss, fear of the unknown, finding one’s place in the world, self-discovery, risks, growth and setbacks, melancholy, new beginnings, your belief system, and more. The open-ended nature of the lyrics invite the listener’s interpretation and emotional engagement, facilitating personal connections to the music. The bulk of the album was conceptualised when frontman Dan Pye was living abroad. It is the culmination of years of songwriting at various stages of his life. After relocating to London, Neuromantics was formed, and the group continued moulding the material into the songs that would make up Crimes of Passion.”

TUTV‘s impressions: Expect a fervent, emotional and electrifying fusion of sensitive reflections and poignant meditations. An incandescent mix of romantic sentiments,
thoroughgoing introspection and profound feelings swinging back and forth. Music
for melancholic spirits and yearning souls. Music for the twilight hours.

Sit down, relax and enjoy…

Watch the clip for latest single ‘NAIVE’ here…


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