BAXTER DURY – The Romantic Crooner Is Back With Sixth Album ‘THE NIGHT CHANCHERS’…

Old and new albums to make your day

29 March 2020

Sultry love stories, nighttime bar observations, anxious breakdowns, destroying paranoia, sensual female backing vocals, melancholic strings and monotone vocals. Yes, ladies’ man crooner BAXTER DURY is back with his new, sixth album called ‘THE NIGHT CHANCHERS‘. Vintage Dury ballads, familiar trippy tunes and romantic tragedies is what you get. As usual solid songwriting with a restful effect. Comforting music for loners. Fix yourself a drink and enjoy.

The Guardian wrote: “Shunning big hooks and choruses, the indie raconteur turns his hand to immaculate character studies of life’s losers… Imagine Serge Gainsbourg as a London wide boy in a dirty suit, hanging around ropey bars rather than Parisian brasseries, and you’re almost there… His phrasemaking and delivery is immaculate: he plays with accents, albeit within a limited palette, and you listen to ‘The Night Chancers’ believing it to be a real world.” Full review here. Score: 4/5

Album in full…





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