Canadian Rockers PACIFIC ESTATE Dropped New Storming Single ‘SHE’…

New sonic impulses

6 April 2020


Who: “Formed in 2013 by a few high school kids looking to play Rush covers, Pacific Estate has evolved into one of Ontario’s indie-rock acts. Following years of shows all across Ontario as both a headliner, and in support of larger acts, the band has recently settled into Arc Recording Studio to begin recording their debut album with Juno Award winning producer Julius Butty.”

Track:  SHE – a song “about the uncertainty of the mind, the inability to trust and simply let things happen, which is represented musically within the track. The interludes that follow each chorus swing in and out of time, representing confusion, and the mind jumping from thought to thought abruptly and out of control.”

Score: Expect a turbulent rocker driven by a sticky drums/bass beat, hungry guitars, and highly impassioned vocals. This is a blistering firecracker to test your speakers’ stamina. A perfervid outpouring, a rush of blood to the head, a heated ebullition. Open your windows and doors – but stay inside – so your neighbors can go bonkers too.

Press play here…

Also on Spotify


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