Belgian Zum Kotzen Noiseniks PINK ROOM – Ghent 2019

Memorable live moments…

PINK ROOM is a derailed noise rock turbo led by red-hot-blooded motherrocker Bart Cocquyt. How do they actually sound, I hear you ask? Paranoid. Sickening. Ear-piercing. Horror-ific. Wrecked. Zonked. Verrückt. Deranged. Flipped. Uproarious. Disorderly. Mad. Vomiting. Hellish. Diabolic. Loudmouthed. Psychotic. Messed-up. Demonic. Apocalyptic.

Here’s this Belgian trio with two outbursts, LOVE and WASTED, from their debut LP …

One year ago they released their
maniacal blitzkrieg debut album
ZUM KOTZEN. Stream/buy the sonic
havoc right here…

PINK ROOM: Facebook

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