8 April 2020

Band: THE SUNCHARMS (Shefflied, UK)

Who: Band formed in 1990 the band supported indie-pop legends such as The Brilliant Corners, St Christopher, The Orchids and The Television Personalities plus gigs with emerging shoegaze bands such as Cranes, Catherine Wheel and Curve.”

Track: MONSTER CLUB Рlatest single

Score: If this was the sixties this moody love ballad would be on a Wurlitzer jukebox in a downtown bar where lonely hearts have a drink and dream about the one and only true companion. It’s a hopeful reverie many of us experienced sometime, somewhere. Relax, sit down, dim the lights and let your thoughts drift away…

It’s Saturday night, that doorway looms
leading to the darkness under the streets
A room painted black, lost souls they collide as one.

Chill in my heart, you’ll suck me dry – I’ll do the same to you – there’ll be stories to tell
I’m feeling immortal, I’m feeling immortal again.

You told me to embrace the dark – will you take me with you?
I hope you will – I’ll wrap you in a cape and take you to the Monster Club, The Monster Club…

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