‘GENIUS OF LOVE’ By TOM TOM CLUB – Released 1981

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9 April 2020

Band: Tom Tom Club 
Formed by Talking Heads members Chris Frantz (drummer)
and his wife, the wonderful Tina Weymouth (bassist )
Single: Genius Of Love  
Written by: Chris Frantz, Tina Weymouth,
Adrian Belew and Steven Stanley
B-side: Lorelei (instrumental)
Released: 6 September 1981
Score: It reached number one on the Billboard Disco Top 80 chart.
Album: self-titled debut LP (1981)  – peaked at #31 in the US
Note: ‘Genius Of Love’ became one of the most sampled
tracks of the eighties
Album: self-titled debut LP  – reached #31 in the US

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