Spellbinding Songstress EKAT BORK Impresses With Her Brand New Single ‘LONELY PLACE TO BE’…

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11 April 2020


Who: Eclectic artist born in Siberia and residing in Switzerland. Ekat Bork has been described as ‘genre – bending’ drawing on various genres including electronic, trip
hop, hip hop, avant grade and industrial. So far she released two excellent albums, Veramellious  (2013) and Yasdyes (2016)

TrackLONELY PLACE TO BE – new single from her upcoming, third LP

Score: This jaw-dropping synth-driven ballad will stun and stupefy you from start to finish. Its hypnotic, spellbinding and chill-out resonance causes goosebumps. Bork’s voice is both flabbergasting and mysterious leaving a lasting impact. The low-key orchestration fits the song’s dramatic tone perfectly. You can almost feel physically the depressing sentiment of loneliness and despair. Riveting performance. Intriguing artist. Otherworldly vox.

My lonely, lonely, lonely
That lonely place
I am so lonely here
I am so lonely
I’m holding something perfect deep in my mind
I’m so lonely here
I’m so lonely prey
I’m so lonely
I hear the words of crystal, am I alive? mmmmmh.

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