Brooklyn Songstress ARADIA Impresses With Power Pop Knockout ‘NO ONE CAN STOP YOU NOW’

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14 April 2020


Brooklyn-based solo recording artist ARADIA combines a modern alternative pop sensibility with robust new wave Retro Blondie vibe. She composes & produces her
own music, from the thumping beats and boundless synths to her message-infused ethereal vocals.

Her newest single ‘NO ONE CAN STOP YOU NOW’ is a stunning power pop knockout.
A stupendous bang-up belter that puts a big smile on your face, a relief in these surreal times. Aradia‘s impressive voice has a boosting impact and makes you want to jump in all directions like a crazy kangaroo while screaming the sticky chorus at the top of your lungs.
Open your windows and doors and let your neighborhood enjoy this uplifting gem. Trust me, no one can stop Aradia now.

Bang on the walls til they crumble around you
And watch them fall no one can stop you now
We climbed a mountain and got to the top, too
So sing it loud ’cause now one can stop now
No, no one can stop you now

Here’s the lyric clip in full…

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