THIS PINE BOX – Passion And Intensity On Brand New Single ‘WOULD YOU WALK’

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…

21 April 2020


Who: An eclectic quartet from Dayton, Ohio. Founded in the spring of 2016 by Jake Knight (vocals/guitar). Two years ago they released their excellent debut LP called The Way Out

Track: WOULD YOU WALK – brand new single

Score: This is what you get when passion and intensity go hand in hand, driven by fervent vocals, fueled by crackling guitars, adrenalized by a steamy horn section and pumped up with a sickly sticky melody. It’s obvious that these multitalented young wolves are inspired by the electrical side of Americana. The final result is a glorious steamroller that will make your lockdown days brighter for a while. A soulful stroke you should play out loud with your windows open to fire up your neighbors too. Top stuff!

Press play and
lose yourself…


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