Stay Safe And Party At Home With French Electro Wizard MERCI FCKING BEAUCOUP

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…

25 April 2020

(photo: Helena Villain-Plessis)

I guess many of us are bored after several bizarre weeks in isolation.
Deep house DJ MERCI FKING BEAUCOUP has the perfect remedy to
boost your morale and to revitalize your mood.

His new remix of 60s classic Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Sonny & Cher
activates your rusty limbs and injects you with a bangbang-up shot of energy. Yes, body movement is what we need to keep our blood pumping through our veins. So it’s 100% healthy to party at home with this French electro wizard blasting out of your speakers. Imagine dance experts Underworld have a sonic date with Chemical Brothers. Fireworks!

Time to move your feet, shake your hips, and start a rave at home!

Right here, right now…


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