Daydreamers WOLF & MOON Entrall With Bright Hopeful Single ‘A TAPE CALLED LIFE’…

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28 April 2020

Traveling folky pop man/wife duo WOLF & MOON received lots of international critical praise for their marvelous 2019 debut album Before It Gets Dark. The Dutch/German daydreamers design bright-coloured humdingers that transfer you to la-la land where you can escape reality for a while. The vivid combination of their delightful voices, synth-scapes and multi-layered orchestrations is a relaxing pleasure for your moody ears.

The pair just released a new single, entitled ‘A TAPE CALLED LIFE’ accompanied by the artists’ message “It’s too depressing to believe that life has been better in the past! “I don’t
want to spend my days wanting all that I can’t chase. Let’s look ahead guys, there is still so
much beauty to be discovered for all of us!”⠀

A Tape Called Life is a sickly sticky pearl, both uplifting and feathery light. Its ardent, melancholic and sparkling tone tickles your aural antenna and makes your thoughts drift away. A welcome relief in these surreal isolation days. Wolf & Moon know tremendously well how to translate the magical power of melodic harmonies into starry-eyed tunes.
No wonder they get international appreciation. The duo speaks and sings the universal language of music. Just beautiful!

Enjoy here…

WOLF & MOON: Facebook

Stream/buy A TAPE CALLED LIFE here

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