L.A.’s Firm Rockers TROPE Cover TEARS FOR FEARS With Melodic Vigor…

28 April 2020

(photo by Paul Lee)

TROPE Is an alternative rock band with progressive elements located in Hollywood, LA featuring astounding vocalist Diana Studenberg.. They formed in 2016 and impressed with their debut album Eleutheromania (meaning ‘a manic zeal for freedom‘). Lead-single SHOUT is their take on the 1985 classic by British duo Tears For fears who are still going strong after a successful career of almost 40 years.

TROPE explains what the scream along anthem signifies for them“The song ‘Shout’, to us,
is a reaffirmation of value and strength of our ability to move past toxic situations and people towards the things that help elevate us emotionally and spiritually. I think it also lifts the curtain on how even when times are hard, we should never negate the value of human life. It gives a voice to people who deserve and want to be seen and heard.”

Their cover is a multilayered piece de resistance going forth and back, from hushed and shadowy – think ‘Nothing Else Matters‘ by metal icons Metallica – to towering and exultant with echoes from hard symphonic rockers Nightwish. The imposing, yet crystal clear voice of Trope‘s charismatic frontwoman Diana Studenberg lifts ‘Shout‘ to an overwhelming level. QuietLoudquiet dynamism, melodic grandeur, and thunderous sonority is what you get.
A grand performance that deserves a massive shout out

Here’s the graceful, accompanying video clip…

TROPE: Facebook

SHOUT Also on Spotify

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