Industrial Giants BLACK NEEDLE NOISE And PIG Join Forces On Electro Hammer ‘SEED OF EVIL’…

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…

8 May 2020

Iconic producer JOHN FRYER a.k.a BLACK NEEDLE NOISE and industrial hero
PIG (Raymond Watts of KMFDM) joined forces for a battering new single.

SEED OF EVIL is pushed all the way by a colossal, diabolic electro drone thumping relentlessly as a brain-fucking hammer causing thunder and lighting. This is a high-
tech industrial steamroller made to play on repeat in hell when the Apocalypse party
kicks off. An intimidating bastinado that does your poor head in while scaring vocals amplify the devilish impact. Expect spine-chilling hullabaloo that tests your speakers’ resilience. Imagine German Goth metal scoundrels Rammstein fronted by Ministry‘s
mad man Al Jourgensen . Be ready, Armageddon is just around the corner.

Seed of evil’s
Empty gun
Hell is waiting
When you’re done

Press play and meet the masters of darkness…

BNN: Facebook / PIG : Facebook

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