Welsh Duo JUJU WINGS Released First Of A Monthly Series Of Singles – Here’s ‘SEAGULL REPUBLIC’

9 May 2020

Band: JUJU WINGS (Cardiff)

Who: Niuhiti Gerbier and Rhodri Owain T Davies approaching their art in contrasting ways. From the lassitude of the Tahitian kind, with Niu composing odes to his dreams to the quirkiness of Rhod, eager to defy the limits of synth-pop music. Their debut album (I’m not a king​.​.​.​) Or Anything came out in 2016

Track: SEAGULL REPUBLIC – As the duo had to delay the release of their second album, because of this sick twist of fate, they decided to release a song & video on the first of each month until they’re allowed to organise a gig and release the album properly.

Score: ‘Seagull Republic’ is a funky mid-tempo synth-pop humdinger you can dance to in slow motion with your eyes closed, dreaming about the future after these isolation days are banned from our tormented planet, a smooth groover inviting your hips to sway slowly and sensually. Get the feeling? This playful ditty has all the sonic ingredients of a feel-good jingle making you look forward to next month. Don’t forget, better days are ahead of us. Get out of your couch and make a move, ladies and gents.

Here’s the vibe…

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