Pumped Up Disco Electricity – Dance Yourself Dizzy At Home With FERAL FIVE…

10 May 2020

Here are five important steps to forget all this science-fiction-like lockdown madness for
a while and to avoid that paranoia takes over and messes up your mind. Read carefully…

1. Move all your living room’s furniture, create space for your body’s pirouettes
2. Close the curtains, dim the lights, and hang a glittering disco ball on the ceiling.
3. Install your giant speakers strategically, so you won’t have to miss a beat.
4. Alert all your neighbours by phone before you press play and turn op the decibels.
5. Dress like it’s 1999 all over again and dance yourself bananas to London’s party junks FERAL FIVE as if there’s no tomorrow. Turn isolation into sensation, home arrest into a fervid fest, confinement into excitement. Shake your booty right here, right now…

– EGO –




– VOID –

FERAL FIVE: Facebook – More FF dance dynamite on Bandcamp

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