Ambient Symphonies For The Midnight Hours – Discover ‘GHOST MOON RITUAL’ By LUNAR TWIN…

13 May 2020

LUNAR TWIN is a dreamwave duo formed in 2013 with a keen interest for “space- and
time theories, nature and culture. Their music connects with the lyrical themes through spacey soundscapes with use of guitar reverbs, electronics, and nature sounds.”
They record the music and vocals separately, on locations far apart, from Hawaii and Salt Lake City.

Expect: Twilight reveries. Introspective medications. Cinematic synth-scapes. Atmospheric euphony. Heavy-hearted and shadowy sensitivity. Spellbinding balladry. Sonic paintings. David Lynch flashes. Whispering vocals bringing Mark Lanegan and Leonard Cohen to mind.

Ambient symphonies for the late-night hours.

Relax, put your headphones on,
dim the lights and float away
to dreamland

The clips for…



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