Move Over Old Fat Rockers, Here Come Doom And Gloom Slashers HAQ123…

15 May 2020

Remember Eater? The legendary London punk band formed in 1977 by three hammering whippersnappers aged 14-17. Very young, I know. But believe it or not here’s Birmingham based metal sludge three-piece HAQ123, with the singer only 10 years old, the drummer 12 years, while his father keeps an eye on the two young gunslingers while hitting his bass fiercely. They just released their third album entitled – take a very deep breath – ‘EVIL SPIRITS WHO PROWL ABOUT THE WORLD SEEKING THE RUIN OF SOULS’. Definitely
not a record about the birds and the bees. But is it any good, I hear you ask. Absolutely!
It could be the soundtrack of classic horror movie The Return Of The Living Dead.

Their sonic slasher havoc is petrifying, the scary vocals are intimidating, the creepy
lyrics are mental, and their DIY artwork of the record is far-out. I propose you discover
this doom and gloom leeches with the crash and trash slam GRAVESTONE ROBBER.

I purchased a donkey and a cart
I also got a sledgehammer
Clip clop, clip clop under the street lights
I visit the dead in the dead of night

A nightmarish slow-moving serpent that will creep under your skin and suck the blood
out of your veins. It’s zombie time! It’s graveyard time! It’s Texas Chain Massacre time! No mercy! No prisoners! No pity! Get out of your straight jackets, sharpen your knives and slice Freddy Krueger into pieces right here, right now…

You want even scarier racket? Check the full
album, especially the 20-minute nightmare
called Denis And Roger resonating like
if Pink Floyd mutated into vampires…

HAQ123: Facebook

(press promo photo on top via band)

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