Psychedelic Jazz Eccentricity – Discover Outlandish Trio HILL And Their Newest Single ‘WE ARE IN YOUR GARDEN’…

17 May 2020

HILL is a trio from Brighton, UK “making avant-garde jazz-rock music, concentrating on
themes of spirituality, analogy, humour and the interconnection of all these things through surrealistic, alchemical lyricism and cathartic improvisation. They are led by Pete Piskov, a Maltese born, Russian composer living in England and so the sounds of Eastern Europe and
the Mediterranean are very present in their work.

If Pink Floyd‘s icon Syd Barrett wasn’t fired because of his mad appetite for drugs,
then the dark side of the moon giants would have sounded exactly like HILL‘s newest
single ‘WE ARE IN YOUR GARDEN. Outlandish, erratic, off-the-wall, and eight miles
high. Mind you, this capricious trip has an experimental catchiness and an inviting
join-in whimsicalness with a wandering Bowie-esque saxophone and psychedelic
prog-rock characteristics. Close your eyes, open your mind and lose yourself in
your fantasies right here…

HILL: Facebook

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