Both Jocund And Painful – Here’s Los Angeles Psych Pop Band ALL THINGS BLUE With ‘CHAD’…

18 May 2020

ALL THINGS BLUE is a Los Angeles based collective led by non-conformist India
and collaborator Jon Joseph. The band traverses genres and sounds. From abrasive garage-punk to soaring psych-pop. New single CHAD, a ‘fuck you’ love song
about having your heart dangling by someone else’s hook for too long’
balances between
the spirited psychedelia of Melody’s Echo Chamber and exhilarating alt-pop of St Vincent.

Although this is a frustration filled reflection on a messed-up relationship CHAD has
a jocund, trippy and ear-pleasing guitar pop resonance, maybe because Coombs enjoys
the end of the painful bond with her amorous talker and when the bewitching Kate Bush-like vocals of the moony chorus hits your aural radar you experience a sonic sense of relief. This crestfallen meditation shows that All Things Blue‘s debut album will be an intriguing piece of work.

Tune in here…

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