Italian Industrial Electro Force UNRULY GIRLS Stuns With New MultiFaceted Longplayer ‘EPIDEMIC’…

20 May 2020

Italy’s industrial electro force UNRULY GIRLS released their impressive debut LP ‘Cruel Tales  in 2017. Not only a shuddering record with both atmospheric and dark disco orientated dance-scapes but also with the most mental song titles I heard in ages like
Oral Sex With Eva Braun, My Diet Weed, Psychedelic Music Listeners Make Me Sick and Porno Murder.

The sound-exploring duo just launched new longplayer EPIDEMIC described on their Bandcamp-page as follows: Compared to their first album “Cruel Tales”, the sound is darker, charged with emotions and psychological nuances. Powderous bass lines, acid synths and
spacey drumming are the perfect scenery for their garage r’n’r mayhem. The title, “Epidemic”, was chosen at early stages, inspired by the way music can spread beauty into the world, sweetly connecting people and nurturing new movements and ideas.In a continuous flow, the tracks float between punk electronic, noisy rock vibes and funk rhythmics, while lyrics might seems labyrinths free to wander, in search of uncatchable meanings.

Epidemic is a remarkably multifaceted work of high-tech extravaganza. A head-twisting record with a diversified melting pot of jaw-dropping knockouts to petrifying brainfuckers as if you are listening to several albums at the same time. From industrial Nine Inch Nails uppercuts (She Grew Up In A Shotgun Row / Bloody Brushing) to metallic Killing Joke drones (Dren Crom / Black Love), from Charlotte Gainsbourg sensuality (Chanson Massacre) to spellbinding slow-mo serpents (Narc Bofyriend / Syrup & Soda). Different moods, different tunes. You want more references? Orbital, Aphex Twin, KMFDM, and Depeche Mode.

I guess you get the sonic picture by now.
Fasten your seatbelts and lose yourself
into this sizzling volcano…

Video clip for highlight ‘Black Love‘…


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