Towering Wall-Of-Sound – One Man Army TADINI On Fire With Stoked Debut Single ‘THE ARSONIST’…

Artist: Tadini

Who: Tadini is a guitar rock wizard based in Los Angeles. Armed with a guitar, a phalanx
of Moogs, the odd Mellotron and a theremin set to ‘stun’, he is a one-man army of sound, drawing deeply from the musical wells of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and the maelstrom of rhythms and melodies from his native Brazil.

Track: The Arsonist – his debut single – “It’s the first song I wrote for the album. It is about setting one’s old self on fire (therefore the arsonist) in order to start fresh, kind of like a Phoenix. It symbolizes the beginning of my solo career” explains Tadini – it’s the harbinger from the upcoming album Collective Delusion – the longplayer is a universal message to accept and embrace change, influenced by, among others, The Beatles, Vincent Van Gogh and his faithful cat, Lucifer.

Score: This young, hungry artist has golden fingers that create a titanic wall-of-guitar-
rock-sound that aims at the sky. ‘The Artonist‘ commences with some sultry slide guitar, and a hard-hitting beat exploding soon as a splintering Molotov cocktail, and when
Tadini’s ardent voice comes up this inflammable corker’s decibels raise to a heated purple haze level. Expect towering metallic echoes from Black Sabbath to Wolfmother, exhilarative guitar combustion and a titanic finale. Bingo!

Alert your neighbors before you press play…

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