Daydreams And Romanticism – New Album ‘STRANGE TO EPXLAIN’ By WOODS…

24 May 2020

Band: WOODS (Warwick / Brooklyn, NY) led by singer-songwriter Jeremy Pearl

Album: STRANGE TO EXPLAIN – eleventh studio longplayer

Dreaming doesn’t come easy these shadowed days, which is why
‘Strange To Explain’ by Woods is such a welcome turning of new colors. It presents an
extended moment of sweet reflection for the 15-year-old band, bouncing back to earth
as something hopeful and weird and resolute. The album not only catches and holds and shares the light in yet another new way, but recognizes that there’s still light to be caught.

Released: 24 May 2020

Keywords: Hopeful and realistic, reflective and romantic, charming
and gracious, elegant and entertaining, melodious and easy-listening

Key tracks: Where Do You Go When You Dream? / Can’t Get Out /
Strange To Explain / Be There Still

Video clip for single Where Do You Go When You Dream?

Full album…

WOODS: Facebook

(photo: promo via the band)

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