Vienna Noiseninks FLEKS Storm On New Ace Single ‘MEXICAN STANDOFF’

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…


24 May 2020

Band: FLEKS (Vienna, Austria)

Who: Metallic punk trio

Pick: MEXICAN STANDOFF – fifth single – “the song’s plot is set in a western movie scene
with quotes from spaghetti western movies. “Mexican Standoff” convinces the listener with a catchy chorus and it’s varied and unorthodox approach on songwriting.”

Score: This is a superheated haymaker bulldozes its robustious way from the very glowing start. A hell-raising punk hammer taking you on a rumbustious ride without looking back. Its speedy cadence and thunderous force will make the police racing to your house after they were warned by your neighbors. A storming puissance in your face. Loud and proud!

I don’t feel like dying
But gunshots keep firing
In my head
In my head

Open the gates…

FLEKS: Facebook

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