Industrial Bloodsucker – ‘SCAB’ By THE MARQUIS

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…


26 May 2020


Who: the solo project of Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist
and composer, Tetsuo Paradis.


Score: Repetitive in-your-face drones from the get-go. Scary vampire-like vocals. Infernal firework. Pitch-dark beats. This industrial motherrocker is for people who are scared of daylight, who wander at night in the empty streets looking for a deserted catacomb where they can unleash their demons while dancing strangely to ‘Scab’, unseen and unheard. They only function underground, hiding for all the bloodsuckers on this doomed planet. Maybe you should join them on their trip and discover why their souls are black.

We want nothing,
we won’t wake up,
there is nothing you can give us,
we want nothing,
you can’t kill us,
this institution is in decay.

Dimm the lights and press play…


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