Heavy-Hearted And Arresting – Here’s WIINK And New Single ‘MORNING STROLL’

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27 May 2020

(Written in Ink)

Who: An indie rock trio formed in 2015 in St.Albans (UK), with its current line-up
consisting of guitarist Seb Rejahl, bassist Lewis Mackay and drummer Mia Casey

Track: MORNING STROLL Рbrand new single

Score: Give this grabbing power-pop ballad a couple of spins and you’ll close it in your emotion-charged heart. This impassioned little gem starts with a sparkling classic piano intro and moves into a melodious slow-mo reflection with mesmerizing vocals and a tear-jerking chorus. All of a sudden, midway, the song jumps into a short reggae-like rhythm before returning to its grief-stricken core with a weeping guitar solo. Like I said have this beauty on repeat and it will soon find a home in your soul. Heavy-hearted, arresting and melancholic. Top!

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