Puzzling Roller Coaster – GAYGIRL Impresses With Cutting Single ‘KILLING IT’ From Debut EP…

27 May 2020



Who: London indie rock band “pairing the raw, emotional grunge of PJ Harvey with
the immersive, bold alt-pop moments of early Garbage, each of Gaygirl’s four members
bring a unique set of influences to the table. As a unit, not only do they create a sound
that is hard to pin down, but with every twist and turn – they make an impression that’s unshakable

Track: KILLING IT – single from brand new debut EP

Score: From the kick-off, an ominous sonority raises up, the menacing harbinger
for a brain-breaking roller coaster you won’t forget quickly. Burning guitars and
pounding drum/bass firepower echo all over the place while cutting vocals grab
you by the throat. This barbed hammer blow messes relentlessly with your head
and your mind. Its puzzling grunge disturbance, its built-up/break-down force and
its overall dazzling vehemence leaves you behind, out of breath. Baffling stroke!

Let’s roll…

KILLING IT is part of GAYGIRL‘s first-class debut EP, entitled PLEASUREHEAD
showing the band’s immense potential. “Each song has a different narrative, but the
thing that ties them all together is the subject of control; whether that be feeling out of
control, being controlled or trying to control a situation. We felt that the title ‘Pleasurehead’ fitted the body of work as a whole; it’s the state of mind of finally losing all control. It was
also important to us with this EP to show a different side to the band in contrast to our
earlier singles and push ourselves as musically as possible, we’re all really proud of the
finished product”
says frontwoman Bex Morrison

Hear EP in full here…

GAYGIRL: Facebook

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