The Perfect Cover Band For Your Parties – Here Are From Italy… THE BEATERSBAND

28 May 2020

THE BEATERSBAND is an Italian nostalgic power pop band formed in 2018 and fronted by cool frontwoman Donatella Guida. They rearrange songs from the American Rock ‘n’ Roll 50’s and 60’s, and give it a new life in a more current and fresh Punk Rock key.

Why writing your own original songs when you can entertain people with jiggling covers from old swinging classics that today’s young generation hasn’t heard of anyway? That’s what this glamourous act exactly does. They give timeless hits a new punky dress, a catchy dance floor injection and a Doowop vitality. It’s all about shake and bake fun, about re-enjoying two great musical decades with lively panache, buoyant vibrancy, and party adrenalin while keeping the original spirit intact.

Last year their first album VOL UNO came out and a follow-up
is in the pipeline with these two upbeat belters on it…

(Made famous in 1964 by The McCoys)

(Made famous by The King in 1960)


Artwork new album VOL DUE – out soon

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