Sickly Sticky – INTERNET FRIENDS With Bouncy Jingle ‘KIDS I USED TO KNOW’

30 May 2020


Who: Formed in 2018, Internet Friends is “is in a constant underdog position,
keep proving to suits with vague competence that modern-day pop can be both
bold and ticklish at the same time.”

Sound: “If The Strokes, Lily Allen and ABBA had an orgy. The offspring would
go on to form Internet Friends.”

Track: Kids I Used To Know

Score: You want to hear a sickly sticky tune, a vitalizing jingle, an invigorating
stroke with a ‘we gonna rule the world soon‘ attitude? Look no further, Internet
is the band you need to check out. ‘Kids I Used To Know‘ is a no-nonsense
pop cut you will play in your car radio, on your headphones, and under your
shower. This promising outfit guys hijacked Britpop and gave it a Knowing Me,
Knowing You’
twist. Yes, the kids are alright.

Here we go…


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