Poignant Alt-Rock Duo NORPHLET Back With New Vivid Single ‘CARDINALS (WHEN YOU’RE GONE?)’

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…


1 June 2020

Alt-rock duo NORPHLET operates out of Texas and California respectively, these long-time friends set out to collaborate in late 2017 despite their geographical limitations, and as a result have crafted a uniquely atmospheric blend of 90’s indie, adventurous post-rock, and hooky pop-punk with an emphasis on writing songs that stick.

They just dropped their brand new epic haymaker CARDINALS (WHEN YOU’RE GONE?) . The zealous way this heart and soul tandem combines ballad-like passion with amplified melodiousness makes your hair in your neck stand up. Warm-blooded bands like Band Of Horses and My Morning Jacket springing to mind when you hear Norphlet‘s similar ardency and earnestness. Profound sentiments. Awe-inspiring performance. Grand piece!

When you are gone I will regret
The few times I had power and did nothing with it
Like come over or call
Cause I was too sad, or too scared, or anxious, or vulnerable

NORPHLET: Facebook

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