Whispering Voices From La-La Land – Dream Away With New Longplayer ‘IDEAL CORNERS’ By CANDACE…

4 June 2020

Who: “A Portland-based trio crafting dreamy landscapes and hazy memories expertly
packaged into various forms of psychedelia. They’re at home with dream pop, fuzzy indie
rock, atmospheric folk, shoegaze and everything in-between. The group consists of Sarah
Rose on bass/vocals, Sarah Nienaber on guitar/vocals & Mara Appel Des Lauriers on the kit.”

Released: 29 May 2020

The band’s record label Little Cloud Records about the newborn: “The album explores themes of nostalgia and hope, the unease of modern band life, expectations and inertia – all encapsulated into tightly written psychedelic dream pop songs. There’s a melancholic elegance and lush grandeur to these tunes thanks to the timeless melodies, the glowing production and of course Mara’s ethereal chimes. ‘Ideal Corners’ is the hazed-out summation of years of songcraft and self-discovery. The kind of record only Candace could make.”

Keywords: Shimmering guitars, ruminative reveries, candlelight lullabies, whispering voices from heaven, seductive melodiousness, twilight dreams, intimate tenderness
Key references: Cocteau Twins, The Sundays, Mazzy Star, Low and Beach House

Key tracks: DM-100 / Incandesce / Someday / Still Phase / Great Basin

Here’re a goosebumps home version of opening track DM-100

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