‘KILLING IN THE NAME OF’ – Police Brutality Anthem By RATM Still Highly Relevant After 28 Years… Shocking

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7 June 2020

In the light of the worldwide protest marches against the destroying virus of racism following the murder of black man George Floyd , the anti-authority protest song
KILLING IN THE NAME by political cross over activists RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE
is, unfortunately, highly relevant again… after 28 years! Has something changed in our unsettled societies? Not much, obviously. Shocking!

Wall painting in Berlin…

Mind you, I condemn the violent and rampaging deeds by an overheated minority as
it overshadows the massive, peaceful protestations, but I understand that the immense frustration of the black community is at play. It’s 2020 and racism still is a big issue and
a most dangerous disease. Governments need to wake up and make the vital struggle against the inequality of races a vital top-priority before fateful and irreversible events
will have a devastating impact on all of our lives. Universal tolerance and solidarity is
the only way to survive.

This live version is incredibly powerful.
Black lives matter.
Our world matters…


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