Irish Singer Songwriter BRIGID MAE POWER Issued Brand New Arresting Album ‘HEAD ABOVE THE WATER’

8 June 2020

Artist: Brigid Mae Power
Who: Irish singer-songwriter
Album: Head Above The Water
Released: 5 June 2020
Sound:‘Head Above The Water’ is the new album from Brigid Mae Power, a coming of age opus featuring a groundbreaking amalgamation of traditional folk and country. Recorded in Glasgow. It’s a continuing tale of everyday survival; more diverse, different, a bigger canvas,
with broader brushstrokes.”

Pitchfork wrote: “Brigid Mae Power’s music never quite settles on solid ground. The Irish singer-songwriter flits between past and present; between traditional and modern forms; between the heaven in her voice and the earthbound epiphanies of her words… She emerged from Galway’s bohemian scene, experimenting with the parameters of traditional music in
unlit car parks and remote churches.”

Keywords: Daydreams for the Midnight hours, soul-touching introspections and affective reflections, moving reveries, modern country and folk, Rickie Lee Jones, Graham Parsons
Key tracks: On A City Night / Wedding Of A Friend / We Weren’t Sure / The Blacksmith

Stream/buy HEAD ABOVE WATER here…


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