Black Music Matters – ‘Confidence Is Key’ By CONFIDENCE SURVIVAL

10 June 2020


Who: A Canada based Nigerian Sankofa artist. Her writing was inspired by the life
journey of The Mighty Trinity (Marcus Mosiah, Amy Jacques & Amy Ashwood Garvey)
and other revolutionaries who made an impact on how Kush is perceived today and
the fight that got them there. Musically, she was influenced by Peter Tosh, Bob Marley,
Fela Kuti, Vybz Kartel
amongst others in the delivery.

Album:¬†CONFIDENCE IS KEY “an embodiment of knowledge containing over 2.5 million
years of existence and beyond until now to realize that you are not extinct but always exist.
“I AM the Homo Erectus, the Uturu, the never been ruled, the autochthonous of humanity”.
The information summed in this album shows the comprehensive journey of a people
once put to sleep to become awake.”

Keywords: Black music matters, black and all caring lives matter, our planet matters

Key tracks: United We Stand , the official COVID-!9 Victory Song with 15 other artists
that highlights the global participation in flattening the curve (our victory being in our humanity), from the essential workers, people that donated, and people that supported each other in their own way by providing care packages and home-made masks. It shows that they are not just being seen but also acknowledged and appreciated” and Careless,
a revolution song for equal rights and justice.



Album in full…


CONFIDENCE IS KEY out now РAvailable here

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