Guitar Pop Sparks – Here’s JANE’S PARTY With New Single ‘CHANGE HER MIND’

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…


10 June 2020


Who: “Though they’ve been playing together since 2006, the members of
Toronto-based pop-rock quartet Jane’s Party – Devon Richardson, Tom Ionescu,
Jeff Giles, and Zach Sutton – feel like they’re just starting to gather steam.”

Track : CHANGE HER MIND – about “working through a relationship over
holding on to past ones or holding out for something better.”

Score: This is a guitar pop jingle you’ll whistle when you get up in the morning,
sing-along when driving your car to work, hum when drinking a pint in the pub
after work and dance to with your (new) lover when coming home. It’s called a
sickly sticky tune to keep you smiling all day long. Don’t worry be happy, summer
is just around the corner.

Catch the vibe here…

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