Too Good To Forget – Here’s Thrash Grunge Trio PEUK And Their Smashing Self-Titled Debut LP

New and old albums to make your day…

12 June 2020

Band: PEUK

Who: A blusterous in-your-face turbo led by screamager and
emotive songwriter Nele. A scorching three-headed engine
combining all the mad rage, blazing anger and reality anxiety
of Hole, Nirvana and Sonic Youth. All in one!
Album: Smashing self-titled debut LP
Released: 19 January 2019

Keywords: quiteLOUDquite / Melodic trashing / Barbed-wire punk /
Riotous grunge / Fierce body-piercing howls / Kim Gordon’s coolness /
Courtney’s sneering and spitting / Mind-crashing drums / Furious bass /
Volcanic vocality / Clamorous firework / Emotional outbursts
Key tracks: Magpie / Cave Person / Endless Spark / Manipulated Rats

Stream/buy the fireball here…

PEUK: Facebook

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