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16 June 2020

Band: International Teachers Of Pop
Who: Sheffield’s disco crackpots Adrian Anthony Flanagan and Dean Honer,
key figures of The Eccentric Research Counsil and Hot Stuff voice Leonore Wheatley.
Imagine “Grace Slick on the raz with Donna Summer and the Pet Shop Boys, legging
it over to Kraftwerk’s gaff for a quick synth-sesh before getting a cab round to
All Saints gaff to sing at the telly til the sun comes up”
AlbumSelf-Titled Debut LP
Released: 8 February 2019

Keywords: Dirty dancing for disco addicts, dope for 24-hour electro party people, grease lightnings, Vogue Madonna-era, pink diamond Charli XCX, post-lockdown soundtrack

Key tracks: After Dark / Interstellar / Age Of The Train / Oh Yosemite

Get up and dance…

Don’t go yet! These elated Pop Teachers are already lining up for a follow-up
LP called HOT GOSSIP, out 28th August, to keep your post-lockdown rave going.
Here’s the first single FLOOD THE CLUB


Pre-order facilities here

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