Six-Pack Electricity – Here’s PACIFIC ESTATE With New Cut ‘SATURDAYS’

16 June 2020


Who: Formed in 2013 by a few high school kids looking to play Rush covers, Pacific Estate has evolved into one of the premier up and coming, Ontario indie-rock acts. Their unique brand of rock and roll features high powered vocals, intricate melodies, and an air tight rhythm section.

Track: SATURDAYS – an ode to good times with good friends.

Score: From the very moment a beer can is opened this powerful classic rock crackerjack will stick as first-class glue, with a blistering mid-tempo groove you can pump your fists to and scream-along while nodding your head drunkenly with a giant smile on your face. Passionate electricity all the way, high-powered vocals, Joe Walsh-like guitars, and a king-sized chorus. Saturday Night Beer Fever. Steamy six-pack rock for the boys.

Let’s roll…

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